Mary Kom Disappointed with Boxing Bronze

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Ever since the start of the Olympic Games in London, Indian female boxer MC Mary Kom has been at the centre of attention among the media personnel from all over the world. The 29 year old, mother of two has already won 5 World Championships in boxing and numerous other accolades. And she came to the Olympic Games in London where women’s boxing is being introduced for the first time as one of the favorites for the title. And she did her best not to disappoint the fans as she stormed into the semi finals securing a Bronze medal.

But fans all over her native country of India expected the World Champion to go further than just a Bronze medal. However, that was not to be as she came up against Nicola Adams of Team Great Britain, who beat her 11-6. Mary Kom was visibly disappointed with her defeat but she was graceful enough to accept it. But her disappointment was more for the fans in India who expected a Gold medal in boxing from her and she made a public apology to all her fans for letting them down.

But that has not deterred her fans who are still hopeful that Mary Kom will come back to the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 and still be in good enough shape to take the Gold medal. But the 29 year old herself is not so sure if she will be in Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games.
According to Mary Kom, she is in full fitness at the moment and she will train regularly and take part in the World Championships as well but entering the boxing ring as a 33 year old in Rio, Brazil in 2016 might just prove to be too difficult a task for her.