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Melvin Guillard is back in the ring in just over two weeks, and is gunning for a chance to fight for the title.

Despite having been involved in UFC since it's inception, Guillard has yet to have a title fight - though this was mainly caused by the fact that he tested positive for using the illegal drug cocaine just after UFC 9.

His return has been difficult (no-one could take a two year break and still expect to remain in the same physical shape that the UFC big boys do). His first three fights saw him absolutely pulverised by the likes of Regan and Edgar, but since September 2009 he has ben on a winning streak that has seen his stock rise.

If he wins his next fight, taking him to 10 wins in succession, he deserves a shot at the light-weight title, though with so many other strong contenders, who knows how long he'd keep it for!