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Thiago Alves has made public comments about the Rick Story that has been dominating headlines recently. Thiago Alves discussed his UFC 130 opponent Rick Story calling him out.

“That’s not my style, I don’t call anybody out. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to fight the best, but I feel flattered in a way that I know he wants to become the champion one day. He wants to fight the best competition out there. But in the same way there’s a little bitter taste in my mouth. Like is this kid for real? He wants to fight me, calling me out like that? Be careful what you wish for. I’m training like a maniac, I’m training like I’ve never trained before. He’s going to get the best Thiago Alves ever, so I hope he’s training his ass off…I’m better with more upgrades than before, but with the experience that I have and everything I’ve learned throughout this process throughout my career, I’m a new Thiago right now. I truly feel like I’m just getting started again. I’m just 27 years old. I’ve got I’d say at least eight years ahead of me, so I’m very, very excited. I feel like a little kid again. He says he wants to stand up with me. Let’s see if he can back up the talk. It’s going to be a very early night for him.”

Yeah, I don’t see Story willing to stand and trade with Alves. That’s suicide. He’ll strike only to look for takedowns. And he may think it’s easy, but only the best wrestlers were able to take Alves down. Josh Koscheck couldn’t even do it. Should be a great fight.